The Interdependence of Independence: A Network Map of Children’s Services

This project aimed to map out the many individual and organisational national actors in Children’s Services in England.

Notwithstanding current limitations, we live in a world with high expectations of transparency and unparalleled access to information. The amount of information we are faced with can make it difficult to understand bigger pictures.

This project collated over 1,000 publicly documented connections between policymakers; public, private and third sector organisations; individuals; and other actors between 7th May 2021 and the 1st November 2021, drawing them into a single network map. The network map visualisation is interactive — you can click on any actor to read a brief description of their work in Children’s Services, or on any line between actors to view details about their link.

Click on the Interactive Network Map link above to view the network visualisation. Click on the About link to view more information about the project, including links to the underlying data and forms to submit corrections or additional connections. We have also provided some statistical analysis of the data, and a brief discussion on the map’s relevance to the Review of Children’s Social Care 2021.